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South Carolina Freeze Preparation

from Lamplighter Insurance

by Ryan Sussman on Jan 05, 2018


Easily forgotten measures to take

Winter in South Carolina?  Yes, whereas the winter may not be as harsh in SC, there are occasions where we do get freezing temperatures in South Carolina.  Preparing your home for freezing temperatures is easy – just add these to your list of snacks, movies, and groceries:


Crawlspace Vents are placed on your foundation to assure adequate airflow and reduce the moisture level under your home (especially during the rainy/hot season.)  These vents can allow freezing air to circulate quickly from one side of your home to the other.  Equipment under the floor AND plumbing could be adversely affected by this.  Cold air is dry air and the crawlspace should dry naturally without the need for additional venting.

                Winter:  CLOSED VENTS

                Summer:  OPEN VENTS


Exterior plumbing fixtures are exposed to freezing temperatures and can present an exposure to freezing easily.  Allow these faucets/fixtures to drip slowly to assure that water will continue to flow and the natural higher degree water temperature from your well or city-provided water source should prevent freezing and breaking of plumbing.

Taking these 2 tips will help you to control your risk of:

1.       Broken Pipes

2.       Wiring under your home (rubber gets brittle when frozen)

3.       AC/Heating unit efficiency and repairs

4.       Water Heater damage (prevents potential “slush” in your lines AND freezing of your unit

“Lighting The Way…” – Keeping you informed on how to control the exposure of damage to your home AND higher Insurance rates.

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