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by Ryan Sussman on Oct 19, 2015

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”- Donna Sussman (my mother) *one of many anecdotes for living life right.

The roof on my home is not new….But it is also not old….What kind of things can I do to assure that I have the best possibility of a leak-proof roof over our heads for the longest possible life of my roof?

Type of Maintenance that can be done at low cost AND extend the life of your home’s cover:

    1. Trim back overhanging limbs/trees to avoid collection of debris

      This debris can cause the shingles to degrade or force water to flow in a direction that the roof is not designed to repel. The roof is designed for specific water flow direction – when the water flows the other way, to roof may fail.

        2. Have the flashing (edges) and boots (rubber materials around vents) re-sealed

        Flashings are typically fabricated from sheet metal, tucked underneath shingles, and affixed with a caulk or epoxy to assure that it does not move. Vent boots are a rubber material that is affixed with caulk or epoxy. However, the caulk and/or epoxy is subject to severe weather and can degrade over time. Removing this caulk/epoxy and replacing it is the best way to assure that this will not cause a leak.

          3. Keep gutters clear of debris

          Gutters are designed to remove water from the roof in a directed path. If the gutters have debris that prevents the easy-flow of water, the water WILL find another path – This path could be against the design of the roof (as noted above regarding roof debris).

          4. Inspect It

          Many roofing companies will inspect your roof free of charge – or for a nominal fee that they will credit to any repairs that may follow the inspection.

          Contact Us Today – We will be happy to give you the names of Qualified, Licensed, Bonded, and FULLY Insured Roofing Professionals in South Carolina to assist you in maintaining your Home investment.

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          Ryan Sussman

          Thank you for your comments. We post our content with the hopes of helping people protect their investments and improve the experience of insurers in South Carolina. By improving insurer experience, this will encourage greater competition and lower the overall cost of insurance to all.

          Ryan Sussman

          Thank you for your comments. We are delighted that the article has made such a great impact on people. Our content is geared at improving our client’s experience and protecting the investment in your home.

          Ryan Sussman

          Thank you for your comments. Please help us to share this information. Whereas insurance policies will cover some of these leaks, the financial impact of a deductible and increased rates can jeopardize many people’s well-being.

          Ryan Sussman

          We are very pleased that our article could help…. Thank you for your positive comments.

          Ryan Sussman

          Thank you for your comments. We are very happy that our article helped. I would suggest research regarding foundations to uncover the advantages of gutters.

          judy wilson

          I liked your advice to trim back overhanging limbs so that my trees won’t collect debris. I’m pretty sure that they need to be trimmed right now, but I’m not sure what I should focus on cutting away from my trees. Now I’ll be sure to cut away any overhanging limbs to make sure that they’ll stay healthy.

          Ryan Sussman

          Thank you for your comments. Our goal with these articles is to provide helpful information.

          Ryan Sussman

          Thank you for your positive feedback. Very happy that the information was enlightening for you. Please remember: when hiring a professional, check their insurance (Workers Compensation and General Liability). Asking your insurance advisor for a referral is a good place to start.

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