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by Ryan Sussman on Nov 03, 2015

As the weather changes, the temperature will affect tire pressure in your vehicle. We recommend that clients have tire pressure checked with each oil change to assure that it is at the optimal inflation. Proper tire inflation is at the cornerstone of safe operation of your vehicle.

According to a 2003 NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) report, an estimated 414 fatalities, 10,275 non-fatal injuries and 78,392 crashes occurred annually due to flat tires or blowouts before tire pressure monitoring systems were installed in vehicles.[1]

Maintaining the proper pressure in your tires has numerous advantages including:

  1. Fuel Economy
  2. Lifespan of tire
  3. Optimized tire traction
  4. Reduced driving vibration
  5. Wear/Tear on attached components

Most vehicles have an optimal tire inflation of 32-35 psi when the tires are cold. You can locate the recommended pressure listed on the inside of the driver’s door or owner manual.

Please take a moment to assure the safety of you, your family, and passengers.

[1] NHTSA. (2003, June). “FMVSS No. 139, New Pneumatic Tires for Light Vehicles”, Docket No. NHTSA-2003-15400-2

Two Article Comments


Great analogy. Keep in mind the cooler temps will cause a dip in tire pressure!

Ryan Sussman

Thank you for your comments. We have high hopes that our content will provide vital safety information to our clients and the general community. We call it “Lighting the way…”

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